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Abdelmoughit Lahjomri Alweys it's . fantastic The artwork style The grate artist Thomas . He really owns a very high quality of designing and painting . It ' s honor to notice his artwork sharing with our 2620 freinds of our art group *Un tableau un artiste et commentaires *****
Abdelmoughit Lahjomri Attention les amis.! Un crocodile arrive a bord * vraiment le talentueux artiste Thomas ziebarth peint tellement vai cette nature qu'il est difficile de critiquer une quelconque défaillance de l oeuvre .Bravo artiste et merci pour le partage *****
Abdelmoughit Lahjomri Nos Salutations vont a notre grand amis l artiste * Thomas ziebarth * qui revient par la publication de ses remarquables œuvres une présence admirable au sein du groupe depuis longtemps deja **5**
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Abdelmoughit Lahjomri Yes Artist *Thomas Ziebarth * how you painted . it . it looks so nice and parfact . . us if We were there with you * nice painting thanks for sharing artist *****
Awesome piece of art. You've extensively covered various monuments from North to South and East to West, it shows your love for our country. I appreciate this fabulous attempt to showcase our culture. Love you and your work man.
Marcia Kilmer Mr Ziebarth, your work is genius. All the animals and plants perfectly rendered. Great job! Bravo! Thank you for sharing your masterpiece!
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Amano Khambata really authentic, you have captured the exact tonality of the night sky and the mood too. awesome !

Penny Sambodhi Wilson You really are a fabulous artist. I love all your impressions of your various journeys.
Duane West your color pencil artwork on "Travel Sketch" from Sicily, Near Palermo, Italy is very nicely done in your colors, details, shading, and an attractive scene! Thank you for sharing out! My best to you and your artwork!
Amelia Costa Maravilhosa! Wunderschöne!

Anil Lamba Apart from the craftsmanship and art, its so painstakingly detailed, your work!

Alok Mallik Its so Beautiful
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Mark Kate Beautiful painting and movie you made thomas, such nice detail & stories, one can tell how much you love nature, thank you so much and a very happy christmas and newyear to you ! .... kate

Jérôme Boloromj and very productif !! A real artist!!! An rare exception between all the so called "DJ" , "Yoga teachers", "jugglers" , "astrolog and tarot masters" , " cooks" , "techno producers" , "fire camp musicians"and more posers who swarm Goa in the past and nowadayz .... thanks Thomas Ziebarth , you made me a bit less sarcastic by your example and modesty !
Duane West your oil artwork on this landscape in Morocco "You carry so heavy" is so very well done in your nice natural colors and in placing them very well to bring-forth your good details, depth, and very attractive scene! Thank you for sharing out for us to enjoy seeing! My best to you and your artwork!
Debesh Debesh The Indian theme, paint creates a feeling of the painter with a real touch of the traditional Indian way of life.
Erika Belair: Yes,this most beautiful painting will hopefully be kept for future generations as a witness of the beauty of nature and our planet.It will help them to appreciate and remember how much has been destroyed...some of these animal species are soon to be extinct ...but of course may be the most beautiful artwork of Thomas will also help to raise awareness of what we are about to loose and trigger a last minute impulse to protect it. !
Igor Gapochka
All the do's and don't's will help you find your way

And you got to stand tall open minded every day
Mysteries exist for us to find dem
Nothing never happens until it reach the time then
Metaphors and miracles dem just a blind dem
And if you live in fear and doubt
You will always stay behind then

The master got his eyes on what you doing
So humble yourself of your blessings will be ruin
Nuh see no rain a fall heavens gate a call
And without no love the boss him nuh go listen
Artist Thomas Ziebarth lives in Germany.

This is really a problem to pull out personal information from the artists. It seems they all learned the art of silence into the monasteries. So we can discuss what we see without restrictions. There are Nature and Human being as the result of evolution. There are wild animals and Buddhists in meditation at his paintings. You can find there the dangerous shark in the Ocean and under water sculptures surrounded by beautiful fishes. The creatures inhabiting the planet are the part of the Universe, - that is the main idea.